Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Fickle Fan

Since this is a fairly new blog of mine, let me introduce myself, the Fickle Fan.

The Fickle Fan loves to review and critique stuff. And no, most of the stuff the fickle fan reviews are bought by her own money, although I wouldn't say no to any free stuff, would I? But then again, even if you gave me free stuff, my opinion is still as just and I stick with it. Humph.

Why the name? Well, I was pondering on it one day and while I was taking a shower, I got a Hallelujah moment when this idea got stuck to my head. I have a bazillion different interests, and following a bazillion different authors/artists/bands/books/telly shows/movies/actors/actresses [well, you get the drift], and so I'll just lump them all up in one website and you readers could read through my mostly crazy and wacky adventures. Sounds cool, huh?

A more formal definition is:
Fickle - Quick to change one’s opinion or allegiance
Fan - an enthusiastic devotee

Join them together and my own definition is:
fickle fan - an enthusiastic devotee who is quick to change one's opinion or allegiance.

Since there are multiple books/telly shows/artists [you knooooow, you should get the drift by now], I figure life is too short to just obsess about one particular thing, so might as well make the most out of the diversity there. Only one rule applies to me though: I ALWAYS stick to my BIG THREE in music:
Boys Like Girls, Boyzone and Take That .


So that's about wraps it up.

I wouldn't want to delve into any of my personal details. Except that yes, I do work full time, as I need the funds to support myself, my fanaticism and anything else under the sun and I do this as a part-time basis only.
Although I do love that it encompasses nearly 60% of my time too =)

I read, watch, stalk, do everything in between work and well, you guessed it, my 24hour day is usually packed.

Enjoy the blog, and as per my tag line, "live vicariously through me" [without spending much]