Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pasig River Ferry

One of my favourite things to do whilst on leave from work is to go out and just have adventures within Manila or outside Manila.

Last April 13th, since I was bored at home, I went to Quiapo and Divisoria with Yam, my friend.
Instead of the normal route we usually take, this time, we decided to take the ferry.
I first read about the Pasig River Ferry at a book club in Shelfari and immediately decided to try it for the sake of trying everything once :)

We met at Guadalupe, the ferry station is within 5 minutes walk from the MRT station, and it has strict times on when the ferry will arrive. We arrived at around 9:15, and the next ferry would be at 10am.

We decided to go to McDonalds first and eat breakfast then headed for the ferry after.

When we went back to the station, we paid P35 for the fare from Guadalupe to Quiapo. And who did we bump into at the station? None other than Iya Villania and Chesca Garcia -- they are doing a shoot for Us Girls Lol.

The ferry station is very clean, nothing like I first expected. Only downside? No airconditioning, so bring a fan if you need to wait for a ferry longer.


The ferry arrived at around 10:10 and I was surprised it was airconditioned! :) We passed through several churches on the banks, Malacanang Palace [we're not allowed to take photos because of security reasons. boo] and we also saw other ferries. Some of the ferry stations are nice, but when we reached the Quiapo station, I was disappointed. It was just a dingy piece of plank that was a makeshift stop! It didn't look like a ferry station after all.

Overall, I throughly enjoyed the ride! I can't wait to ride again, although a bit of a suggestion would be to renovate the Quiapo station. Seriously.

TBR Shelf

It's been a while since I've posted something [i've just been plain busy with work and my other interests] so I thought this would be as good a time as ever to share one of the many shelves I have which house my TBR books:


This is a shelf in my mum's room... the top shelf belongs to me, whilst the bottom belongs to my mum. I have amassed a huge amount of books that I had to invade my parents bedroom bookshelf! I have books in my room and also in the basement, which I plan to convert to a lounge area for me pretty soon :)

Currently the books in the TBR list are:
- The Virgin's Lover [Philippa Gregory] --> bought this on sale in National Book Store
- My Defence [Ashley Cole] --> I've been looking for this book forever! However, I saw it in Book Sale and I immediately had to have it. I already read the chapters I needed, but I haven't read the full book yet.
- The Rule of Four --> another book sale find by Yam :)
- Burning Bright [Tracy Chevalier] --> another find from National Bookstore's bargain bin
- Westlife: Our Story --> I bought this book whilst in England and read a few chapters there. I haven't read the whole book though.
- That Extra Half an Inch [Victoria Beckham] --> I've read most of the book but I skip chapters here and there, depending on my mood
- Jane Austen Book Club --> From Buy-The-book. I was interested in this book because the movie starred Hugh Dancy. Lol. What a stupid way to buy a book :P
- The Fourth Bear [Jasper Fforde] --> A National Book Store find. I bought it mainly because of the rave reviews in Shelfari :)
- The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency [Alexander McCall Smith] --> another book with good reviews in Shelfari. I mooched this from Triccie.
- The Duchess --> adding to my obsession with historical fiction
- Twilight: The Directors Notebook --> currently reading this now :)
- Coleen --> Autobiography of Coleen McLoughlin. Got this from England too.
- Wayne Rooney --> Autobiography of Wayne Rooney. Got this from England too.
- The Fool's Tale ---> Got this from bookmooch
- Queen's Handmaiden --> another book sale find!
- Eragon [Christopher Paolini] --> another bookmooch find
- The WAG's Diary --> got this book for free when I bought a magazine in England.

Anyway, I'm also trying to look at the list of 1001 books you should read before you die. I plan on joining the 1% well-read challenge, hopefully I could add to the list.

Wish me luck :)

By the way, I meant to join the 24-hr reading marathon but the telly and the stack of dvds I need to watch are a much bigger temptation not to read :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hallo wifi!

I have now joined the bandwagon and have welcomed WiFi in my life. Oh my gosh. It is sooo much faster than dialup!

Hello downloads and more blogging! hurrah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On Holiday.

Sadness, we have to work tomorrow.

But anyhow, given that we don't have to work on Friday until Monday [yes, Monday is a holiday for me] so that gives me time to catch up on my DVDs and hopefully on my reading -- I'm still going nowhere with the 5 books I'm reading. But anyway, I'm slowly finishing my DVDs that I need to watch -- will post reviews soon. Just finished watching two episodes of "True Blood", I'm nearly finished with "Bones" season 1, and I've just finished the movie, "The Duchess". More DVD time from Friday to Mon. Yay. Hopefully I won't be out of my wits then.

Off to Quiapo and Divisoria on Monday to get some essentials. Hmm.. Shopping :)
Hopefully drop by MOA and/or SM Southmall before heading home and... before reporting back to work on Tuesday.

Have a happy holiday.

***Band photo for the day, The Click Five -- I love their new song "I Quit, I Quit, I Quit"***