Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Review Policy

Okay, since I'll be reviewing a variety of books, events, telly shows and movies, I figured it'll be better to just write one review policy.

If you're interested in letting me review your event/book/show, please send me an email at:

For publicists, authors, or publishing companies, I do accept books for review if you're willing to send internationally. I currently live in the Philippines, in South East Asia.

I normally accept and review any type of book - general fiction, historical, biographies, you name it, except for ebooks - I don't have a love affair with them nor do I particularly appreciate them. Apologies, I currently can't review ebooks at the moment. So, that leaves only printed media and/or audiobooks. For audiobooks, I would prefer if the files are sent over in mp3 format, however, CDs are also good too.

All books would be reviewed, regardless if I like it or not, but I cannot guarantee when the book review will be posted, but I will, however, send you an email with all the links to where I posted my review once the post has been up. Aside from book reviews, the books you've sent over may be featured in any of the following posts:
  • In My Mailbox -- features books that I've received for review, borrowed or bought
  • Spotlight -- features books I am currently reading or am going to provide a review for over the next month.
As a given, books provided for review are also posted to the following websites:
  • Shelfari
  • Goodreads
  • Librarything
  • Fickle Fan blog.
All reviews are of my own opinion, and normally features a two to three-paragraph summary containing the following:
  • A summary of the book based on my own understanding [would not include spoilers]
  • My review and personal thoughts regarding the book.