Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What excites you?

For me, it'll be the following:

  • Travelling to another foreign place, be it locally or internationally.
  • Finishing a new book
  • The prospect of starting a new book and eventually getting to finish it within a few weeks/months
  • Finishing a computer game
  • Watching a concert.
  • Watching a new episode of a telly show I got really hooked and/or addicted to
  • Watching a movie I've anticipated
  • Shopping for shoes, clothes, books, or any other item under the sun.

I'll be blogging in a few days with regards to my favourite books. This is a tough call for me to do. I don't have a specific favourite book!


Jenners said...

I think these are all exciting things ... I like the anticipation of getting a book I'm excited about. I love travleling and exploring new places. And finding a great new TV show (although increasingly hard to do) is a real find!

fickle fan said...

Hi Jenners! Many thanks for visiting my blog & apologies for not leaving a comment earlier :)
I too love travelling & exploring new places & watching new telly shows :) You should try to watch The Tudors. I'm completely hooked on this telly series now!