Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the days ahead before the year ends.

It's also been a while since I've blogged.


Today is the officially start of my 7-day holiday.

So what now?

I've actually planned to get a few IDs during this time -- Social Security, Drivers License -- that is, if i'm not too lazy to do it.

For those of you interested, this is what I plan to do the following days ahead...

Wednesday, December 12th -- I plan to catch up on some telly shows that I've missed

I've been thinking of getting a pampering day on Thursday, December 13th. I kinda need that.

Friday, December 14th -- I am going to a carnival with my friend in the evening, and in the morning, its shopping galore in Chinatown =)

Saturday, December 15th -- Office Christmas Party -- will do a dance cameo with colleagues.

Sunday, December 16th -- hibernate. hibernate. more hibernating.

Monday, December 17th -- this is the day when I'll really walk around and apply for those IDs I just mentioned above. I'll also probably do some driving around -- if i could have some extra cash for gasoline, that is.

Tuesday, December 18th -- er.. no plans yet.

Wednesday, December 19th -- back to work. I have a Christmas party at 730pm so I'll have to leave work early -- yay a reason for me not to go on overtime!

Thursday, Deccember 20th -- going to a carnival again (different from the one I've mentioned above) with another friend.

So, that's the start of my busy, busy week. yay yay.

Adventure, memories? Here I come.

On techie news..

I saw a college friend of mine a while ago randomly while I was strolling along a mall, on my way home. She's got an awesome phone! I don't know what model it is but now, I'm sooo wanting the phone of my dreams at the mo -- a Nokia 5700. Argh. Even though my old phone -- Sony Ericsson T630 -- is working perfectly at the mo (well, not exactly perfectly, its got its bugs and kicks but it still can receive text messages, calls, and can take photos albeit not very good ones) *sigh*

Also, I was reading here in blogger that I could link my youtube videos from there to here! Er.. will just try that out for a sec and will contine blogging after =)