Friday, January 16, 2009

It's the weekend!

I'm off to watch "The curious case of Benjamin Button", "Rome" season 1 and a few others.

Will post reviews on Monday.

Ta for now! Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

hi. i read your post about the PATD concert in manila last year. i was wondering where crowned king had their auto signing (i was there too :)). can you e-mail me where?

fall out boy is coming here in feb and their opening act is one of my fave bands, hey monday. maybe they'll have a signing too. so to be ready, i wanna know where. :P thanks much! :)

fickle fan said...

the crowned king signing was at the araneta after the concert then the PATD signing was at the Podium.

Not sure if FOB will have a signing this year. They had a signing in 07 back in MOA. I queued up a few hours just to get my cd signed. Ugh. Let me just say it was not a very good or pleasant experience.

HTH! :) Thakns for reading