Thursday, January 29, 2009

Medical Investigation [TV Series]

Apologies for the late posting -- I haven't been progressing much in my Book/Telly Shows/Movie reviews. Probably because I haven't even finished watching a new movie or telly series in a while.

Last night, I got home early and popped on Medical Investigation Season 1 on DVD. I only got to watch the first episode, but it is so addictive, I am saddened that this series has been cancelled.

First aired in 2004 [and sometime 2005, 2006, I think in Star World], this telly series focuses on a team of doctors who specialize in infectuous diseases that may turn into full-blown epidemics. Think House MD meets CSI. This team is usually the only doctors who could run tests on the quarantined patients and represent the NIH [National Institute of Health].

I'm kind of surprised that this telly series didn't receive a huge following, but I'm a huge fan and if you see this DVD, go and watch it! :) It's one of those shows that makes me think. :)

I'll post more reviews of the episodes/whole series once I get to finish the other 19 episodes so till then :)


Blake Woodrow said...

i love this series! specially on the episode where they went to the valley and coordinated with arizona medical malpractice attorney and went head to head on their findings, it was like battle of the brain and sense.