Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: WOW - A Handbook for Living

Wow: A Handbook for Living is a self-help book that teaches you on how to be successful in your daily life. Filled with quotable quotes, cutesy little photos, enumerated steps and space for you to write your thoughts and actions on, the book is designed for you to remember what you have learned from the book and to write down your action points after every step.

Although you have the final say on whether or not you will follow these methodologies as outlined in the book, the authors do insist that you find out your own processes given their guide and master their basic principles to make your life more happy and fulfilled.

Thoughts: I love the presentation of the ideas in the book. I love the photos and all the little notes beside every chapter that summarizes a main thought. Since I have the ARC, I'm not sure if the finished copy would have coloured pages, which would be even better! I would love some colour in these photos! Would I use the book's principles in my life? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. Even before I read the book, I was already using some of the principles outlined in the book. Although not consciously, i think some of these are innate to us, we just don't know how to harness it. This book is just a great reminder to keep doing what I am doing, and for others to also be guided along and recognize those characteristics that are innate to all of us.

Some notable chapters that I love [won't type them all down, it'll be a spoiler then]:
  • "Say it with how instead of why"
  • When you plan for something, set an exact date and record the outcome
  • Where do you see yourself x years from now? 
And so, the summary of my points above:
Published: March 2010 [Paperback]
Publisher: One Peace Books
Available from: everywhere, i think!
Read it if: you need a bit of guidance on how to have a more positive outlook in your life or if going through a tiny bit of a crisis
Book was acquired from: Rebecca from The Cadence Group [Many, many thanks for sending this book over for me to review!]
fickle fan rating: [read more about my fickle fan rating]

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Harvee said...

I reviewed this book as well and found the instructions helpful. A lot of common sense instructions that you would not think of normally. Glad you liked it.

Cherry said...

Came over from Cym Lowell's McLinky links for Book Review Party Wednesday (BRPW).

I tend to steer clear of this kind of books. I read for entertainment usually... But by your review, this looks like a good read for those who like this kind of books...

On the lighter side... hey! you revamped your decor! Niiice!!

Cherry Mischievous

fickle fan said...

@Harvee - many thanks for visiting! It was actually a good wake-up call

@Cherry - how are you? :) Yep, I've changed my blog template, finally! LOL.

Nishant said...

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