Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blog Direction for 2010!

It's nearly the New Year and since I'm spending much more time online and blogging, I might as well post on a goal or where my blog would be headed for this 2010.

Currently, I blog mostly about books, theatre, travel and concerts. It will still remain the same for 2010, although more focus will be given on books: it's the cheapest and most accessible form of entertainment for me!

There will still be the weekly memes: I will be participating on In My Mailbox posts as well as Waiting On Wednesday/On My Wishlist as well.

Reviews will be posted whenever I've finished a new book. I cannot entirely say what specific day I'll post a book review but it will happen. With my current schedule, I normally finish an average of two to four books per month, much faster than my early 2009 figures.

Books reviewed would be composed of:
80% old releases;
20% new releases [books released within 2008-2010]

The reason why there are more old releases being reviewed is because those are the normal type of books I normally get. Most of my books are acquired through bookmooch, book swaps or the used bookstore. I know that if I don't buy a book new, the publisher and the author would not get royalties from the book but I can't always buy a new book now, considering I now have other obligations where most of the paycheck goes to.

However, there are certain times in a year when the local bookstore here hosts a 20% off sale and when that time comes, I shall go around buying new books that are on my wishlist!
That's where the 20% new releases come from.

I also set-up my own Amazon A-store so if a particular book suits your fancy then feel free to buy from my Amazon store :) 

I hope most of you understand where I'm coming from. Here's hoping for a more fruitful 2010 to everyone! :)


J. Kaye said...

I totally understand. Many of us are changing direction in 2010. I am branching out in a whole new direction and will update viewers on the 31st. I also plan to post less and visit more. The It's Monday! What are you reading? meme will be used as a multiple purpose. Again, more on the 31st.

I wish you the best in the new what makes you happy. :)