Friday, December 11, 2009

On My Wishlist [the DVD edition] # 1

It's not part of the On My Wishlist posts I do every week but since I need a complete DVD list to look after when I go to the UK [someday, hopefully]

Boyzone: Dublin... Live by Request
-- I had a video CD of this a few years back but now I want a DVD to add to my collection! *sigh*

Product Description from
The boyz perform hits from BY REQUEST live in their home town of Dublin. Songs include: "Going Gets Tough," "One Kiss," "All That I Need," "Love Me for a Reason," "Different Beat," "Words," and more.

The next DVD on the list is a three-disc one:
Boyzone Live and Behind the Scenes.
It contains the DVDs for: Said and Done, Live at the Point and Live at Wembley.

I saw this at HMV when I was in London and it was worth 35 pounds! Eeek! Quite expensive. I didn't get a chance to go back to the store but if I could, I would and I'll get this!! :)

So, that's it for now, will post another batch of my wishlist of DVDs some other time :D