Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2010 Goals

It's the New Year! It's a new decade! It's 2010!

Might as well have my first post of 2010 as a reminder to myself of my goals for this year.
To be honest, I'm very, very excited whenever there's a new year. There's 365 days of the unknown... new lessons, opportunities, and experiences! Woot Woot! A chance to grow!

Anyhow, my goals: 

1. Blog more. I'll be a better blogger this year compared to the past years I've had this blog up. I was a firm believer of notebooks before. I still am now, but I realized that my readers are very limited if I just keep them in a notebook. At least now I've got readers out there in the world who could share my views [I hope].

2. Read and review more. Oh yes. That was one of my goals for 2009. [which I didn't post online, see goal #1] I am starting 2010 with three books that I'm ready to review sometime in January. My initial goal for 2010 is to read 24 books. 2 per month. Kind of like 2009. Hopefully I could surpass that.

3. Travel more. See new places, experience different cultures. That would be one awesome thing to do. I already booked a ticket to Macau in July 2010. I wonder what other adventures await me this year?

4. Try to avail of my vices at a discount. Books, travel and shopping are my vices.
- Clothes/shoes --> only shop at the local Chinatown where there's lots of cheap clothes but are of good quality. For those high street brands, I would only get them on sale. Yes. No more paying full price.
- Books --> Sometimes the local bookstore has a table full of bargain books. Then there's the month-long sale where books could be availed of at a 20-80% off discount [usually around August-September]. I will hold off on buying books that are sold full price. If I really need to read something then there's the TBR or the handy dandy used bookstore. Or I could always swap books on BookMooch or Rosie, my new book buddy who also used to be my officemate!
- Travel --> I would avail of the crazy fares that the local budget airline is holding, and if there's no crazy fare sale anymore [ie P1.00 for a seat. That's cheap!], I would settle for a sale. Any sale, as long as I've got the funds and I'm free. "Have time and money, will book and travel. "

5. Spend more time with mummy and Goofybear the dog. I love those two. I'm planning on getting my mum to at least one new foreign country a year. In 2009, we went to Hong Kong. In 2010, hopefully somewhere else. She wants to go to Australia, but I don't think I've got the funds for that yet.

6. Save more. I need my nest egg to grow so I could have a happy retirement in 30+ years time. And well, those savings from goal #4 could come in handy for emergency or my travel vice!

7. Watch more theatre/musicals. They make me more cultured. :)

8. Watch more concerts. If they're free. =p

9. Go to more events. Book signings, parties, etc.

10. Make every moment count: read whilst stuck in traffic or in the bathroom, if its the evening, listen to an audiobook. Anything that would keep me preoccupied and just not bored. I will try to make every second count because I won't get that second back anymore.

And that's about my 2010 goals for now. Care to share yours?


Peter S. said...

Hi, Ruby! I hope you achieve your goals this 2010! Long live bibliophiles! Happy New Year!

fickle fan said...

Hi Peter! :) Happy New Year too!

J. Kaye said...

What great goals! Happy New Year!!

Blooey said...

Happy New Year Ruby! Hope to see you soon!

fantaghiro23 said...

Good luck on your goals, Ruby! Happy New Year!